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Volkswagen has announced it has begun taken pre-orders on the ID.3 EV – the first fully electric VW to be produced on their MEB platform. It’s a Golf sized hatchback (what the industry calls the ‘C segment’) but because the battery is under the floor you get Passat-sized interior space.

The official disguised ‘concept’ images show a vehicle with very short overhangs and also it’s a fair bit higher than a Golf which isn’t immediately apparent. To our eyes it looks nicely proportioned but not exactly adventurous.

More than 10,000 reservations have been placed within Europe, within a first batch of 30,000, but deliveries aren’t expected to start until summer 2020. The precise allocation for the UK hasn’t yet been announced. The pre-ordering fee is £750 via the Volkswagen e-mobility website.

VW indicated that the starting price of the entry level 45kWh model will be “under €30,000” (approx £26,000) but you can expect only premium models available at launch with an indicative price tag of nearer €40,000.


Battery sizes are below. Ignoring the optimistic WLTP range figures of 205, 261 and 342 miles respectively, EV Choice predicts these real-world ranges in mixed driving. These will dip in winter like any EV.

  • 45kWh  | 165 miles real-world
  • 58kWh  | 215 miles real-world
  • 77kWh   | 280 miles real-world

Charging is via the standard Type 2 connection (7.2kW and 11kW options) plus CCS DC charging at up to 125kW.

Unlike the Golf the ID.3 is rear-wheel drive, which will help traction, but VW anticipate a 4WD version at some point. Performance figures haven’t yet been released but we understand there will be different performance variants. Neither have we seen the production interior yet.

Volkswagen is keen to rid itself of the dieselgate polluting emissions image, so is heavily promoting its carbon-neutral credentials with this range. Whilst the details are a bit sketchy it includes converting factories to run on natural gas and greater use of renewable energy such as solar and wind power.  

The ID.3 will be fully loaded with equipment and will be offering Tesla-like over-the-air updates.

Images (c) Volkswagen

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