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Sheffield is trialling electric bin lorries (trucks) powered by the waste they have collected, in what is being billed as a world-first for a local authority.

The city council has proudly unveiled the first vehicle at the Energy Recovery Facility in Bernard Road as part of a trial taking place in Sheffield and Westminster (London).
This unique project has taken a total of four used refuse collection vehicles, which would have been destined for the scarp yard, and re-fitted them to be powered by battery, using a system that has been designed, manufactured and fitted in Sheffield by local electric-drive systems firm Magtec.

“The quickest and most economical way to reduce harmful emissions in our cities is to repower diesel trucks with electric drives.
Converting one bin lorry to electric is equivalent to taking 30 diesel powered cars off the streets.”

Marcus Jenkins, founder and director of Magtec

They are designed and manufactured in the UK – creating highly-valued local jobs as well as contributing to a healthier city and citizens.

In a further unique proposition for Sheffield, the two vehicles for the city will be powered by energy produced at the City’s Energy Recovery Facility at Bernard Road, generated by processing the city’s black bin waste into energy.

Typically a waste collection vehicle is used for seven years at which point the cost to maintain the vehicle typically exceeds the costs to replace it. Normally the vehicles are sent abroad or stripped for parts.   The EV re-power can extend the working life of the vehicle for a further 7 seven years.

The project will put the vehicles into service and conduct a research and development scheme over two years to fully test the vehicles for durability, performance and cost effectiveness.

Partners in the trial are Veolia (waste management), DG Cities (smart city tech) and Microlise (telematics for fleet operators)

Source: Sheffield City Council

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