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The What Car 2019 reliability survey has been released, showing that electric and hybrid cars have the highest reliability of any group (cars up to 5 years old). The worst group for reliability was large SUVs!

Scores for pure EVs were mostly very high; for example Tesla Model S 98.8%, BMW i3 95.2% and Nissan Leaf 94.9%. However the Renault Zoe proved disappointing with a lowly 82.3%.

As What Car puts it: “A high percentage of Renault Zoes had problems, including a lot of electrical gremlins (non-engine electrics 17%). All faults were fixed under warranty, but three-quarters of cars were out of action for more than a week.“

The overall No 1 brand was Lexus at 99.3% (no surprise there…), but brands such as Audi and BMW languished at 20th and 21st places respectively. In fact if you review the data it appears that the more ‘premium’ the car the lower the reliability score, which is probably a factor of the higher complexity of such cars.

Only 3 cars achieved a perfect 100%. The Kia Soul, Lexus CT and Toyota Yaris Hybrid. “Two of the three winners are hybrids, demonstrating the robustness of this technology, while the responses for the Soul included some for the electric version.“

Kia Soul 2018. Image (c) EV Now.

So whilst we don’t know the size of the survey, Kia Soul owners had zero problems with their vehicles, so in 2019 the Kia Soul (2014-2019) is the most reliable electric car! With the Tesla Model S as the close runner up.

Source: What Car

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