page title icon Election manifestos 2019 – party policies on electric vehicles compared

Now we’re not expecting anyone to vote for a party just because of their policies on electric vehicles and electricity generation/charging.

But we think it’s important, so here’s the lowdown – the manifesto statements from each main party for the 2019 election relating to EVs and zero-emissions transportation.

Of especial interest to those planning to buy an EV will be the Lib Dem’s planned cut in VAT to 5% on electric car purchases. The Greens and the Labour Party have predictably detailed policies to promote zero-emissions transport. The Conservative party is less specific and the SNP is surprisingly light on detail on the subject.


Note: Those parties shown polling at least 2% vote share. Information copied and pasted directly from relevant manifestos. Where a paragraph contains, or continues with, unrelated information it is indicated with a …. symbol. The Brexit Party Ltd’s ‘Contract for the people’ contains no information relating to EVs or zero-carbon transport so is not shown.


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