page title icon Tesla previews radical Cybertruck

If you’re the shy and retiring type who doesn’t seek attention, then maybe this is not the vehicle for you…

Enter the new Tesla Cybertruck! Taking a radically different design approach to Rivian (which has retained the familiar 3 box outline shape) Tesla has gone for a Mars lander / Space 1999 / sci-fi concept look, both inside and out.

Tesla’s offering will be competing in the huge US market truck market, against massive sellers like the Ford F150. So the basic statistics need to be right. Cybertruck has a 1,981mm load bay, payload of up to 1,587kg, 2,832 litres of lockable exterior storage and huge towing capacity – up to 6,350kg. Performance in the full-fat triple-motor version looks to be predictably bonkers.

Key info

  • Single motor 2WD – 0-60 in 6.5sec – 250+ mile range
  • Dual motor 4WD – 0-60 in <4.5sec – 300+ mile range
  • Tri motor 4WD – 0-60 in 2.9sec – 500+ mile range
  • Air suspension
  • Self-driving capability as optional extra
  • US pricing between $39,900 – $69,900
  • 2021 release date

Inside the Cybertruck has two rows of three seats, with the centre front seat folding to make an armrest. The dash has the typical Tesla single 17-inch landscape touchscreen, sitting on what appears to be a marble-effect panel. The steering wheel has a flat bottom and cut-off top (similar to the Tesla Roadster).

The internet has been chock full of 3D renderings and mockups, most of which have looked fairly radical but none remotely close to the actual vehicle shown today. So kudos to Tesla for no pre-announcement leaks. Do we like it? Undecided as yet. Whether conservative rural America will take to the Blade Runner look remains to be seen…

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