page title icon UK car registrations April 2020 – EV sales beat diesel for the first time

Given that car retail showrooms have been in lockdown for the last few weeks it won’t be a surprise to learn that UK car sales are down in April 2020.

But nobody predicted an almost complete wipeout.

The headline figures: total registrations of 4,321 compared to 161,064 in the same month 2019. That’s a 97.3% drop!

All categories are down by over 90%, with the exception of battery EVs. These still declined, but only by 9.7%. For the first time ever, pure EV sales beat diesel.

UK car registrations April 2020
Source: SMMT

EV advocates will no doubt point to the % market share for pure EVs which was 31.8%, up from 0.9% in 2019. On the face of it that’s a massive increase, but the current situation doesn’t represent anything like a normal market.

Next month there is likely to be a temporary sales improvement as dealers begin to open and can deliver existing orders in the pipeline. But the real test will come later in the year (Summer/Autumn-Fall), when it will become apparent what the real demand is. Will more drivers choose EVs, having experienced peacefulness and fresh air without fossil fuelled pollution? We’re not making any predictions…!

Source: SMMT

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