page title icon 11: Vehicle types explained: EV – PHEV – HYBRID – ICE

Choosing a car these days is a minefield! A decade ago it was pretty simple – you chose the size and type of car and off you went. In Europe you would have been more likely to choose a diesel over petrol and a manual / stick shift.

But with the transition to EVs many other types of vehicle have emerged, and they’re all trying to get on the electric bandwagon. So where can you find a simple explanation of the different types, and find out the pros and cons of each?

On this podcast we walk you through the types of vehicle currently available and the pros and cons of each and we also provide you with a poster diagram which will help you make your decision. Alternatively you could use this in education or training. The vehicle types are:

  1. ICE – Internal Combustion Engine
  2. Hybrid
  3. Mild Hybrid
  4. PHEV – Plug-In Hybrid
  5. FCEV – Fuel Cell EV (hydrogen)
  6. BEV – Battery EV

Please download our free poster-size diagram which you can use for education, training and in advising your customers.

large size – 5000px, 2Mb
small size – 2000px, 300Kb

Electric charging vector icon courtesy of Vecteezy

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