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About the EV Now podcast and blog

The World is facing existential threats from climate heating. You only have to look out the window to see increasing extremes of weather, from flooding to drought to abnormally high temperatures.

A significant contributor to climate change is transportation – around 7% – the same as in the 1990s. This needs to reduce, but the actions by many major companies are heading us in the opposite direction. Marketing by legacy auto makers is encouraging the purchase of ever larger, heavier and more polluting vehicles, most of which are unecessary.

Electric cars compare favorably with fossil fuel cars on emissions – we’re big fans! But we can’t get away from the substantial environmental impact, particularly in battery manufacture. We can see the improvements that EVs will deliver, but replacing a large polluting fossil fuel SUV with a less polluting EV SUV is not the answer.

Our mobility future is different, varied and more exciting. Smaller, lighter-weight transportation for personal mobility and goods delivery; urban EVs, e-bikes, e-scooters and cargo micro-vans. Semi and fully autonomous vehicles. Different ownership and shared-usage models.

Many innovative mobility businesses are being created to take advantage of these opportunities, with substantial investment into the space.

At EV Now we’ll try to cover all aspects of this transition to EVs. We’re EV early-adopters, providing unbiased information and advice. Our background is in IT and tech so we’ll also be covering this in some detail.

Thanks for listening or reading. If you’d like to contribute, collaborate or be featured on our podcast or blog please contact us.


Our focus is on mobility tech…

EV technology – AI, self driving, platforms, batteries, etc

EV mobility innovations and industry insights

Straightforward info and advice. Plus the occasional review.

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