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Mitsubishi Outlander Phev

What is the difference between an EV and a PHEV?

EV- Electric Vehicle An EV is an electric vehicle – that means it ONLY has a battery as its energy storage and an electric motor which provides the drive. You always need to plug in an EV to recharge it – there is no gasoline/petrol fuelling. The range of an EV is limited by the … Read more

EV Now podcast- Zoomo

12: Micromobility – Zoomo

In this episode we talk with Lisa Conibear, Zoomo UK & EU Regional Director. Zoomo are an innovative micromobility company – they describe themselves as “The World’s leader in light electric vehicles (LEVs) and after-market servicing built on the experience of thousands of delivery riders.” Subjects discussed: e-bikes for individual couriers and commercial use subscription … Read more

10: AI and Autonomous

In this tech primer podcast we talk about some of the challenges around AI and autonomous vehicles, and why self-driving taxis haven’t appeared as quickly as we might have expected. This is a massive subject and we’re just scratching the surface in this pod. Subjects Covered – AI basics and levels of autonomy – Why … Read more

Smart releases teaser images of new eSUV

We ran a Smart ForTwo for a couple of years, and despite the quirky semi-auto gearbox and slightly bouncy ride we absolutely loved it. As a second-car urban runabout it was difficult to beat for ease of parking and generally nipping about. The spec was high as well, with climate control, leather heated seats and … Read more

Hydrogen vs Battery smackdown – and the winner is…

It’s the Hydrogen vs Battery smackdown. Look at the comments section in almost every article about electric cars, and you’ll find people arguing that hydrogen is the future. And those that are adamant that battery is the future. So which one wins? Should we be driving a Hydrogen fuelled electric car with a Fuel Cell … Read more

What is the most efficient EV

09: What is the most efficient EV?

SO THE WINNERS ARE… FOR TRANSPORTING 1 PERSON: e-Bike At 100 miles per kWh the e-bike is the most efficient by some distance. Cost to run is a micro-sized 0.15 pence/mile. However the MTB example we’ve used in our comparison is beaten by the 50% more efficient hybrid bike. FOR TRANSPORTING CARGO: e-CargoBike With a … Read more

kia niro charging

How much does it cost to charge an electric vehicle?

Home Charging Here is our guide to EV charging costs in the UK. The absolute cheapest way to charge your electric car is to: Have a home charging point (with smart capability) Use a cheap overnight electricity tariff and always charge your car at night This could be up to 90% cheaper per year than … Read more

Mini electric

Free car for Company car drivers!

In the UK, if you drive a company car you pay a tax on the value of the car, depending on the car type, and also your tax band. This is called ‘BIK’ – Benefit in Kind. Previously if you drove a pure electric car (EV – battery electric) you would have paid 16%. But … Read more