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EV Now podcast- Zoomo

12: Micromobility – Zoomo

In this episode we talk with Lisa Conibear, Zoomo UK & EU Regional Director. Zoomo are an innovative micromobility company – they describe themselves as “The World’s leader in light electric vehicles (LEVs) and after-market servicing built on the experience of thousands of delivery riders.” Subjects discussed: e-bikes for individual couriers and commercial use subscription … Read more

10: AI and Autonomous

In this tech primer podcast we talk about some of the challenges around AI and autonomous vehicles, and why self-driving taxis haven’t appeared as quickly as we might have expected. This is a massive subject and we’re just scratching the surface in this pod. Subjects Covered – AI basics and levels of autonomy – Why … Read more

What is the most efficient EV

09: What is the most efficient EV?

SO THE WINNERS ARE… FOR TRANSPORTING 1 PERSON: e-Bike At 100 miles per kWh the e-bike is the most efficient by some distance. Cost to run is a micro-sized 0.15 pence/mile. However the MTB example we’ve used in our comparison is beaten by the 50% more efficient hybrid bike. FOR TRANSPORTING CARGO: e-CargoBike With a … Read more

EV Choice Podcast

06: How will Covid-19 affect EV sales

How is the EV market going to be impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic? We explore a number of factors: – the impact on global GDP– overall global car market– improved environment and buyer sentiment for EVs– reluctance to use public transport– oil prices plummeting– market shakeup – what does the ‘new normal’ look like? Who … Read more

kia niro charging

Podcast – EV News Feb 2020

At the start of each month EV Choice will be bringing you a roundup of interesting and unusual electric vehicle stories that have been reported in the previous month. Ionity Volkswagen – e-golf and ID.3 Smart i-news and National Grid GM Cruise – Japan Today’s-cruise-heads-down-new-road-with-new-robotaxi-concept Obrist – Tesla Model 3 … Read more