page title icon driving an Electric Car?

The first time I drove an electric car I was completely sold within the first minute! I’ve now driven thousands of miles and many different models and have absolutely no regrets.
If you’ve never driven an electric car before you will find it a bit strange at first, but if you are used to driving an auto (rather than manual or stick shift) the difference will be much less. But you very quickly get used to it.

The first thing that strikes you – it’s so much smoother and quieter. There’s no startup engine noise – you’ll get a tune and display lights as the systems power up and get ready. At low speeds there is a pleasant whine, the cars also generate an outside whistle or hum to warn pedestrians/cyclists which you can hear if you put your window down. At higher speed you still get road and wind noise but there’s no motor noise or vibration.  

An electric car doesn’t have any gears – there’s no lag as it swaps cogs – it just keeps going in one smooth seamless power delivery. 

The other initial surprise will be how responsive the car is. Off the line these things are FAST! (with Eco mode off…). The accelerator is really responsive, there’s no hesitation and the car just leaps forward when you put your foot down. Great fun when you want to and I’ve had great pleasure in beating many exotic cars from the lights (in what looks like a standard hatchback)!

In general it’s just so easy and pleasant to drive. And in winter there’s no ice scraping or warming the engine up! You just preheat the car from your app and it’s nice and warm when you are ready to go.
But don’t take our word for it! Here’s what other publications think…

Electric cars are by and large far superior to their fossil-fuel-guzzling forebears. They are smooth and silent —  and even the cheap models accelerate like sports cars. This, before we even consider their environmental credentials.