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5 reasons why your next car won't be hydrogen

Top 5 reasons why your electric car won’t be hydrogen – probably

It’s the old Hydrogen vs Battery debate. Look at the comments section in almost every article about electric cars, and you’ll find people arguing that hydrogen is the future. So is it? Should we be driving a Hydrogen fuelled electric car with a Fuel Cell (FCEV). Or a Battery electric car (BEV)? Those in favour … Read more

2020 Toyota Mirai

Toyota chooses elegant GT look for 2020 Mirai Fuel Cell EV

Let’s face it, the original Toyota Mirai exterior design screamed “unconventional”. Although not unpleasant to look at it was just, well a bit quirky. With the Mk2 Mirai the designers have gone for a completely different look. More conventional yes, but an extremely well proportioned GT fastback shape. We really like it. The interior also … Read more